Our olive mill

The facilities of the new Aceites Canoliva oil mill in the town of Baena, an emblematic city in the production of the best olive oil in the world, were inaugurated in October 2015 and are the result of almost half a century of family tradition and the push of the new generations.

The Almazara has two cleaning lines and three grinding lines with the most modern technology that allows us to obtain the best oil in the shortest time maintaining the quality. The daily milling capacity is 1400Tn / day.

Our processes, both cleaning and production, have been designed to guarantee complete separation from the entrance of olives to the exit of the oils. It allows us to separate the production by varieties. In our planning, an independent line was designed for organic production to ensure integrated traceability from the collection of the olive to the packaging.

«Our close relationship with the growers allows us

control and monitor your harvest so far

of grinding »